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Supermax: how much freedom can you take away from someone?


Prison access

    Did you seriously expect to get inside, since doing so would provide access to the same kind of useful escape planning info they try hard to keep from the inmates?
    Posted by chuckleshs
    Apr 26th 2010
    Hello Chucklehs: we didn't know, to be honest. We just tried and we have been waiting for the administration reply. Thank you for coming in Prison Valley!
    I taught on two separate occasions at this facility (minimum section) and each time I approached the gate, it was as though I was a new visitor. It's called "security." and please--"snakes hiss above our heads" Some might interpret that literally. What are you doing walking around the secured grounds with the cacti are anyway?
    • David Dufresne Prison Valley Team
    • May 17th 2010 (edited May 17th 2010)
    @Mary Ann: What are we doing? Only our work, i guess.

    If you wish, don't hesitate to talk more about your experience in his facility... That'd be very interesting to read.

    Thank you by advance.
    I'm glad someone is bringing this disgusting atrocity to light. It should not be allowed to stay secret. I think it is kept secret because it is wrong to torture people andif more people knew they couldnt continue to do this to people. I believe indefinate solitary confinement is torture and against our constitution.
    What is interesting to me as an outsider, i.e. non-American: Where do you see the reasons for this kind of cruelty and, in particular, the unbelievably high rates of incarceration? Is that all one big money-making enterprise for the private-prison industry? What purpose does it all serve?

    How can a state lock up one in 100 of its citizens? That just seems beyond all rationale... It certainly doesnt "correct" people, it's certainly not "cheaper" than investing in other "corrective" institutions. Whats the point? I'm entirely confused.

    This is one of the most disturbing distopias I've come across in a long time.
    Capitalism and the exploitation of labor is the answer to your questions. I am ashamed of my government. As Steinbeck said in Travels With Charlie, "I love my country, but hate my government."
    The call your country the land of the free. yep thats if you have a pot load of money.
    I think that the prisons exist in insane societies like this. Capilalism Societies. How many jails will there be necesary in orden to keep the human control?
    ... and the home of the brave?

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