08 May
Prison Valley: winner of the the first World Press Photo Multimedia Contest

Today World Press Photo announced the prizewinners of the first World Press Photo Multimedia Contest, with jury member Claudine Boeglin of Thomson Reuters Foundation handing out the prizes to the winners at the annual Awards Ceremony in Amsterdam

23 Mar
Prison Valley nominated for famous World Press Photo

At the conclusion of the 2011 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest judging in Amsterdam, the jury published a shortlist identifying the three multimedia productions selected in each category. The six shortlisted multimedia productions were chosen from more than 40 nominations.

10 Nov
Prison Valley: Best cross-media/online production (AIB’s 2010, London)

Association for International Broadcasting announces winners of 2010 International Media Excellence Awards. Prison Valley won an award.

05 Nov
Jury special mention at Sheffield doc/fest (UK)

Prison Valley won a special mention at the BT Vision Sheffield Innovation Award.

24 Sep
Prison Valley winner of 62nd Prix Italia

Today, another great news for Prison Valley… Our program won the 62nd Prix Italia / International Competition For Radio Television and Web in Torino (Italy)

12 Sep
Web, press and media review

Some articles published here and there about Prison Valley in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

31 Aug
Prison valley winner of the 2nd France 24-RFI webdocumentary award in Perpignan

Our webdocumentary Prison Valley is the winner of the 2nd FRANCE 24-RFI webdocumentary award in Visa pour l’image (Perpignan).

17 Aug
Time Magazine Website, a Prison Valley Portfolio

Today Time Magazine Website has published a Prison Valley Portfolio. Check it out now.

05 Jul
Prison Valley: short trailer

Here is our last & short trailer that can be embedded in english or french versions and in 3 formats, (small/medium/large). Enjoy !

03 Jul
6th july: first ever prime-time broadcast of the film ‘Prison Valley’

Two events are scheduled for 8.30 pm on Tuesday 6th July. A World Cup semi-final (so we’re told), but above all the first ever prime-time broadcast of the film ‘Prison Valley’.

11 Jun
Prison Valley wins crossmedia Prize at Bellaria Festival (Italy)

For the first time in its (long) history, the Bellaria Film Festival (this year’s is the 28th edition) decided to open a new concorsi, the competition for the best crossmedia programme. At 9.10 pm, the concorsi vincitore was announced. And it was Prison Valley.

18 May
Chat with the International Observatory on Prisons

Following discussions with Gonzague Rambaud (the author of «Travail en prison») and Jean-Marie Bockel, the French Secretary of State for Justice, our next Prison Valley chat is this Thursday with Patrick Marest, the chief representative of the International Observatory on Prisons (IOP).

04 May
Chat with french Secretary of State for Justice in Prison Valley on May 6th

Jean-Marie Bockel is our next guest in the Prison Valley chat on Thursday 6th May from 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Jean-Marie Bockel takes a particular interest in prison matters in France.

27 Apr
The Prison Business – Live chat tomorrow, at 7pm (CET)

This Thursday, April 29th at 7pm (CET), our first guest will be Gonzague Rambaud, co-writer of “Inmate labor : an investigation into the prison business”

22 Apr
The rock’n’roll launch of ‘Prison Valley’

Wednesday 21 April, somewhere in Paris. Just one line of code is enough to ‘release’ ‘Prison Valley’ into cyberspace. The tale of how #prisonvalley spread in a matter of minutes.

22 Apr
‘Prison Valley’ goes online!

It’s done. The web documentary is online. Have a nice stay in the valley of prisons. Your ‘Prison Valley’ experience starts right here.

12 Apr
The Producer’s Fear of the Penalty

Paris, yesterday. This is what happened just before the press conference. Armageddon. Well, almost. Total breakdown. Well, almost.

06 Apr
The final straight (but is it really final? is it really going to be straight?)

It’s the rush for the finish line, the race against the lost URL, the festival of XML, the HTML heavyweight clash. Prison Valley goes online in a few days’ time. The stress. The pressure.

15 Mar
Festivals and TV broadcasts (or ayearofwork, a yearofcraziness)

There are two main stages in the life of a web documentary. That can be brief instants of grace and some terrible bugs. Either/or – or both.
Grading – or the magic of colours at work.
Mixing – or the magic of sound editing at work.
Prison Valley has got these over and done with in the last [...]

19 Feb
«When lots of different experiences suddenly come together»

David Dufresne, the investigator/director of Prison, interviews Philippe Brault, the photographer/director of Valley. Variations on a single theme – the web documentary, itself a series of variations on and blends of our jobs (photographer, reporter, video director). A strange exercise:

05 Jan
The rise of the web documentary

So what is a web documentary? France 24 looks at the question and unveils some footage from Prison Valley. Video.

15 Dec
Motel stories

A video bonus for your entertainment (and ours). Some funding news. A new blog. And a few mysterious names for some crazy encoders.

14 Dec
Prison Valley at a workshop in Finland

Our producer’s gone to Helsinki for three days. For a workshop about new forms of narration. Alexandre Brachet gives his first impressions.

27 Nov
Prison Valley spend 3 days in the heat of Amsterdam

It was the day before yesterday, in the middle of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, right in the centre of town. At the Tuschinski Theater, which was sold out for the occasion, and I don’t mind telling you we were scared stiff.

20 Nov
«New medias… » and melting borders

A few days ago, the Centre National du Cinéma organised a workshop on ‘new media’. And Prison Valley was invited. We chatted about web documentaries, ARGs, transmedia, cross media, and so on.

17 Nov
Prison Valley: the trailer (1st)

Here’s a short trailer put together this summer by the guys at Upian. It shows a few moments during our scouting trip in June. There’s been a lot of progress on the webdoc Prison Valley since then. It’s changed a lot. And we’ve been back. Still the same atmosphere in the valley. It’s here and it’s now.

16 Nov
At the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam !

Prison Vallet’s been selected for the IDFA. In a few days, we’re off to Amsterdam. In a few days, we’ll be at the European Mecca of documentary filmmaking. In a few days, we’ll be at the International Documentary Film Festival, which our producer (Alexandre Brachet @ Upian), a regular, calls by its acronym, IDFA, like every other producer in the know.

09 Nov
At Sheffield Festival !

Three days in Sheffield to live fast and die pitching. Or the trials and tribulations of three Frenchies in the north of England…

15 Oct
Prison Valley, the webdoc – the pre-website.

Somewhere in Colorado. A godforsaken place of 36,000 souls and 13 prisons, one of which is Supermax, the new Alcatraz, whose corridors lead only to death. This is Prison Valley, a road movie in a prison city where even those living on the outside live on the inside. Total immersion in what people here proudly [...]