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This is the most skewed, elitist piece of drivel I've ever watched.

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    I grew up in Fremont county,my father worked for D.O.C as well as my ex husband,they both were hard working men supporting their families..
    I never heard Fremont County refered as "PRISON VALLEY"
    I raised my kids there and felt safe and did not worry about my boys getting involved in gangs...
    I do resent the inmates wife in the film that we were all "TRASHY"..
    There are alot of good,hard working people in Fremont County...Is it there fault her husband is in our prison system? Did they tell him to do whatever crime he did to get incarcerated? Did they tell him to do his crime in our state to be incarcerated in the state of Colorado corrections?? I THINK NOT!!
    If he was not of the "trashy" type then i'm sure he would have been a good hard working person,not in trouble with the law,and not incarcerated...So before you go bad mouthing the residents of fremont county,you should clean up your own backyard!!
    Everything about this film was very disturbing,it did not show or portray Fremont County as it really is....

    A great little town to raise a family or retire too!!!
    @ Letha Smith

    We never said that people of Canon City and Florence are responsible of people who are incarcerated in the Fremont county prisons. We didn't came to this area to judge any of its inhabitants but rather to talk about the prison system.

    And if you didn't yet, you can read our FAQ to get more information about our approach : http://prisonvalley.arte.tv/en/forums/discussion/139/our-answers-to-the-residents-of-fremont-county-faq/

    Thanks for your comment.
    • films44ov
    • Apr 11th 2011 (edited Apr 11th 2011)
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