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Way to Edit...

    Ok, you say you welcome our coments, discussion is what you were striving for...yet you edit and remove my posts directed to Buffie and Jim? There was nothing defamatory, just queries as to whether or not the comments attached to their profile pics and throughout the web-umentary farce were accurate reflections and actual quotes or were they yet another one of your twisted spewingsd to further propel this awful farce of a propaganda tool?
    Posted by CCandProud
    May 13th 2010
    I agree. Comments are being deleted. I suppose the filmmakers are just trying to ensure that only what they want is being portrayed. ???
    Some messages may have been moved to the most relevant forums / discussions.
    Only some duplicate, defamatory or insulting messages have been moderated.

    More information here: http://prisonvalley.arte.tv/en/forums/discussion/138/are-you-censoring-comments

    Thank you.

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