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Are you censoring comments?

    I have had several comments deleted. They were all in good taste, without using bad language, and yet they were deleted. Are you censoring the content of your forums? If so, then these forums are no better than the film...your skewed version of reality.
    Posted by JessiDay
    May 14th 2010
    • Spone Prison Valley Team
    • May 14th 2010 (edited May 14th 2010)
    Actually, in one post I was pointing out that the statement made by "phuk cps" that Fremont county is "lesbian infested" was ignorant. And that comment got deleted, but the original comment referring to the county was left in place.
    • Spone Prison Valley Team
    • May 14th 2010
    Thank you for your feedback. I looked into it, and you're right. We're doing all we can to moderate the hundreds of messages we get as best as possible. The person who moderated it must have failed to see how it referred to the previous post and/or considered it a direct attack or insult, and removed it unduly. Please accept our apologies, your comment has been restored: http://prisonvalley.arte.tv/en/forums/discussion/134/#Comment_419
    Appreciate it. Thanks.
    I did enter the 'lesbian infested hellhole' comment. My reasoning is that during the 7 yrs. I lived there, I did happen upon a large # of lesbians, disporportionate to the # of homosexual men. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it being a 'prison town' or do they just feel less persecuted there. Any ideas?
    @Phuk Cps

    I don't see how the number of lesbians in this county as opposed to the number of gay men has any relevance to anything. All I've seen in your posts is flaming.
    Regardless of the number of homosexuals in the area, I take issue with your tone. You are clearly talking about lesbians as if they are something bad. Something to be "infested" with, as if they were bugs or mice. I think your comments shed a negative, homophobic, and intolerant light on the community I grew up in.
    Well you haven't lived my life so quit judging me.
    yes they are most certainly censoring comments. Not a single one of mine have made it on here. Lilly Liver Frernch folks , they are !!
    Don't lie. You've been censoring. If you're gonna do it own up to it. I live in Canon City, which is actually a lovely place. The school systems here are good and the antique industry is wonderful. Many people here know of prison folks because of the large amount of people that work there, but that doesn't make us bad people, prison guards actually can make quite a lot of money. There are also some large beautiful properties in Florence and Canon City, which is not the same place. I have been to many of them and I know many people that are in the ranching business that own them. There is more work in the ranching, antiquing and family owned businesses than there is in the prisons. Get your facts correct. It is in fact the antique capital of America. I enjoy living here more than any other place, and the people here are polite, wonderful people. None of us are "Trashy" and there are many restaurants, "more than one good one". El Caporal, Denny's, Cold Stone, and Two Sister's are all delicious. It's wonderful that you think this place is a "clean version of hell" but I in fact think it's a little peace of heaven.

    Way to get the story right.
    @ shayboucher. Make sure we are doing our best to give to people for an answer. Prison Valley is not about judging any of its inhabitants. Nevertheless, insulting comments or multiple posts on different chatrooms are being deleted automatically. You will find all answers about what you wrote above (Restaurants, Florence and Canon City which is not the same place ...) in our FAQ : http://prisonvalley.arte.tv/en/forums/discussion/139/our-answers-to-the-residents-of-fremont-county-faq/

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