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Welcome to the ‘Prison Valley’ web doc forums. This is the place where you can discuss prisons, share what you know and have a debate with other Internet users from around the world. And to experience the ‘Prison Valley’ film, click here.


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Crime and punishment

    The question at hand is obviously a spiritual one, yet the documentary is content with simply condemning the layman ethics of the legal system. Question is: how can you make a documentary about prisons, crime-and-punishment, and not treat morality more seriously? The film barely scratches the surface of the corruption in privately owned prisons. The filmmaker also proclaims \"This is what we came for, to listen to everyone, to judge no one...yet allows manipulative commentary the likes of: \"Jim smiles at all the people he and his men have locked up.\" No amount of flowery language can cover up the Filmmaker\'s bias, present throughout the film. In fact, the documentary stinks of utopic \" vote for change\" propaganda when Obama has done nothing to change the situation.
    Posted by Freaky
    Nov 12th 2010

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