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Welcome to the ‘Prison Valley’ web doc forums. This is the place where you can discuss prisons, share what you know and have a debate with other Internet users from around the world. And to experience the ‘Prison Valley’ film, click here.

Prison Valley: a web documentary

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The crazy story and the crazy history of ‘Prison Valley’


    David Dufresne and Philippe Brault David Dufresne and Philippe Brault, on the set of Prison Valley

    Prison Valley is a collective adventure that started in December 2008. It is both a photo/video/literary investigation and something completely new: a web documentary.

    Prison Valley is a hybrid production that draws on three different kinds of experience – photography (Philippe Brault), documentary (David Dufresne) and web development (Upian Production). The web version of Prison Valley aims to offer the viewer various original narrative experiences.

    Produced in Paris (France) by Upian and Arte.tv and supported by the Centre national du cinéma, Prison Valley is also a TV documentary, an iPhone application and a book (to be published by Democratic Books / Arte Editions in September 2010).

    The aim of this forum is to explore all of these different avenues together. New writing, new horizons, new partnerships, new media.


    Posted by David Dufresne Prison Valley Team
    Apr 6th 2010 (edited Apr 6th 2010)
    To report corrections and clarifications, contact Prison Valley Team
    Seriously, this Web-documentary is one of the most amazing web experiences one can ask for! All the information and footage you get in this is great! Awesome work!

    Un beau bonjour du Quebec!
    awesome ! I am continuing the trip !
    Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see!
    Innovative proposal, excellent art work, but too much talk in the videos.
    Lovely work with the camera angles, web design, and the art work... But you're only getting half the story. My name is Kayla Nicole and I've lived in Canon City Colorado since I was in the second grade. I'll be in eleventh grade in a few weeks. My home in the web documentary wasn't portrayed completely accurately. I'm up for any questions anyone has about my lovely town!
    I'm curious, Canongurl, what you think was not accurately portrayed. I'm interested in your critique of the story.
    how do you get past the alcatraz of the rockies scene, and why is the ensuing scene about the gas chambers unavailable?
    Hi dmcgrath01,

    Actually there is a little bug. We are working on it. Due to an hosting trouble.
    We plan to fix it very soon.

    We will tell you when everything is OK.
    • David Dufresne Prison Valley Team
    • Sep 7th 2010 (edited Sep 7th 2010)
    Bug fixed. Thank you all.
    Is there a table of contents by chapter? I couldn't load the scene on the Riviera innkeeper on Safari, changed over to Firefox, logged in again and now can't get back to it. Each time I log in it takes me further away... A simple table of contents would allow us to navigate freely... in a way the prisoners can't!
    Dear psamis,

    Please go inside your motel room and then pont and clik on the door... You'll find a surprise ,-)

    Thank you.

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