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Christie Donner, Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

    Christie Donner

    Christie Donner, director of the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

    Denver (Colorado) — She arranged to meet us at the HQ of her charity. An unholy mess of an office with letters, brochures, statistics and documents everywhere. The building she works in is one of the few social centers of this size in the US. Food bank, legal aid, all kinds of other assistance; this place, the Denver Inner City Parish, gives a face to the misery that exists just a few blocks from the center of Denver. It was late in the day. We did the interview in the blue room, one the size of a gym. Christie Donner kept laughing. And her face told the rest of the story, all the years spent fighting against what she calls mass imprisonment. This is what she had to say about the prison valley: There's a reason why our prisons are so far away: out of sight, out of mind. It hearkens back to this notion of banishment in other times. It hearkens back to slavery in this country. We have a long legacy of making a profit out of people in chains.


    Thanks for your work Christie.
    Many of us are trying to develop a national movement so we aren't all working in silos.


    Will be talking to you soon, I'm sure.
    • ftt
    • Sep 17th 2010
    hey christie! how do you feel about the pro-incarceration movement sponsored by prison valley authorities?
    Just wanted to say that your work is not for naught. There are thousands on the inside that really appreciate someone such as yourself speaking up. I myself was one of them. I certainly hope that things can change but this system is a beast and nobody knows that as much as you I'm sure. In any case, keep up the good work! I know many of my friends appreciate it...particularly G. W. and W. C. M. Both are at Sterling doing everything they can to get into treatment and fighting CDOC about it.

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