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Mike Schnobrich, AFGE Local 1302 union

    Mike Schnobrich

    Mike Schnobrich, correctional officer and treasurer of the AFGE Local 1302 union

    Supermax, Florence (Colorado) — Everything Mike does he does fast. He talks fast, thinks fast, writes fast, is always busy and constantly laughing. Mike Schnobrich is a mainstay of the National Correctional Officers Union, which represents around 30,000 correctional officers working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He arranged for us to eat at Dirito's, one of the few decent restaurants in town. Around the table Mike had gathered anti-uranium activists (a mine is due to re-open in the area), union officials like himself and Allen Rexford, some photo enthusiasts and council workers. It was a pretty boozy meal. Enthralling too. Prisons by their nature are fairly secretive places and they have to be, Mike Snobrich said. We by nature are not very open to the community, but at the same time we have such a great impact on the community in terms of the cost of prisons, the human cost of bringing people back into the system, the cost of crime and punishment and retribution as well as rehabilitation, that it has to be part of the dialogue, especially of a democracy. Because we have to be able to make choices.


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