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Welcome to the ‘Prison Valley’ web doc forums. This is the place where you can discuss prisons, share what you know and have a debate with other Internet users from around the world. And to experience the ‘Prison Valley’ film, click here.



Colleen McGuire, lawyer

    Colleen McGuire

    Colleen McGuire, lawyer

    Amsterdam (The Netherlands) — We met Colleen McGuire thousands of miles from prison valley, yet this New Yorker knows the place well because she's visited clients in Supermax. Colleen McGuire is a lawyer. We bumped into her in November 2009, at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, where we were presenting the first few minutes of our web documentary. She was in the audience to hear what we had brought back with us from Cañon City, Colorado. We had to pinch ourselves. It was as if the interactivity was starting right there, face to face. We asked her whether she had any photos of inside the prison. We guessed she wouldn't. She smiled. Then we suggested interviewing her.


    The contents is superb. You get intimate with the place via the people. Such a wide range of characters captured. Love the voice-over wry commentary. The difficult part is the navigation -- which is also its key asset. A site map is definitely needed. I kept getting lost. The innovation concept is terrific but it needs to be a little more user friendly. I'm surprised I'm featured in the Characters but I guess you don't meet too many folks who have been inside Florence.
    • David Dufresne Prison Valley Team
    • Apr 25th 2010 (edited Apr 25th 2010)
    Dear Colleen,

    What a surprise to «see» you around!
    You'll find a map inside the motel. Go in your «room», knock on that door and... that's it!

    We chose to put you on the guest/characters list because your testimony about inside ADX Supermax is very very important. And people may ask you some questions about it.

    Best regards,
    Hi Colleen, I read your account of being inside Supermax with interest - i also followed through to Letters from Exile, Ray's site. I note that it was last updated in 2004. Can you tell us what has happened to Ray? Was he paroled or removed from the Supermax? Thanks, SKELTON
    Hi Colleen! I also want to know what happened to the Ray? Is he okay? Reply as soon as possible.
    I have no idea what's going on. Hello Colleen.

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