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The Flumps, underground rock band

    Les Flumps

    The Flumps, underground rock band

    Florence (Colorado) — There are four Flumps. Their pastime is butchering Nirvana, Dylan and the White Stripes. Their headquarters is Smashing Good Guitars, a music shop on Main Street, Florence. To hear them, you just have to go down to the store that doubles as their practice room. Otherwise, the Flumps regularly play at the Pour House Coffee across the street, one of the few cool places here, where the expresso is always strong, even if it's not always express. The Flumps are 21-year-old drummer Alex Koshak; 21-year-old bassist Eric Hatfield; 21-year-old lead singer/guitarist Dino Beli; and Mitchell Macura, who plays the guitar or the... cello. They're the most friendly guys in town. No one knows what their name means, not even them. So much the better, eh?


    • The Flumps Prison Valley Character
    • Apr 26th 2010
    Hey David,
    Yeah, the band is doing well, we've grown so much in the year since you heard us.
    We've been featured in the paper, both in Colorado Springs and Canon City, won a few competitions, started an online radio program, and we are now gearing up for a summer full of flumps shows.
    It's great to hear from you, and congratulations on finishing the film!
    I just watched it for the first time and must say I'm flattered you featured the Flumps throughout.
    Also I was very impressed with the production quality, the direction and cinematography were really outstanding.
    I gotta give props to the editor as well, those transitions and the de-saturated tone gave it very cool look.
    I was surprised however to find the film so dark, but I suppose that's got a lot to do with the difference in perspective.
    thanks again David and keep on doing what you love man, you're great at it.
    Look us up if you ever come back to prison valley.

    Alex koshak
    the flumps
    Hey Flumps,
    Do you write your own songs?
    • The Flumps Prison Valley Character
    • May 25th 2010
    Yes, we do. You can check out our original stuff on the myspace page. We are working on a few tunes right now to round out the album and we hope to have it done by june.
    thanks for asking, GonzoRamone
    • nell
    • Mar 13th 2011
    I've lived in canon city all my life (thirty years), and I have never heard of "The Flumps" "The official band of fremont county"? Really? No, I don't think so.
    Guys as the new owners of the Riviera Motel I would like to say your music ROCKS!

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