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Welcome to the ‘Prison Valley’ web doc forums. This is the place where you can discuss prisons, share what you know and have a debate with other Internet users from around the world. And to experience the ‘Prison Valley’ film, click here.


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Tom Garcia, singer / songwriter

    Tom Garcia

    Tom Garcia, singer/songwriter

    Pueblo (Colorado) — His stage - and YouTube - name is Identity Traveler. 37-year-old Tom Garcia lives forty minutes out of Cañon City towards Pueblo, a medium-sized Colorado town. Quite a few prison wardens live out that way, incidentally, far from the jails and the torpor of Fremont County. Tom's a landscape gardener. And singer. He wrote Woodpecker Waltz, the song you hear in the film when Sheriff Beicker is walking through the old cemetery in Cañon City. To tell the truth, we used a different version by a different YouTube act, 2wheelsturnin. Tom Garcia acknowledges that his original recording lacked a bit of drive - not inspiration though.


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