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Welcome to the ‘Prison Valley’ web doc forums. This is the place where you can discuss prisons, share what you know and have a debate with other Internet users from around the world. And to experience the ‘Prison Valley’ film, click here.


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James Beicker, Fremont County Sheriff

    James Beicker

    James Beicker, Fremont County Sheriff, Colorado

    Cañon City (Colorado) — One of his primary, mandated duties as he calls them is to maintain and run the county jail. He considers this his biggest task. We drove around town for a whole day with him. At the end of the shoot, James Beicker, who's serving his second mandate as sheriff, explains to us that he prefers to be called Jim. Makes me sound more like a sheriff, don’t you think? Jim showed us everything, opened every door for us, including the area where the prisoners who've died without family are buried at the back of the town's old cemetery. The next day Jim/James takes us to visit his baby, his supreme duty - the county jail. 230 beds on the edge of Cañon City. Because we've got nothing to hide, he says.


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