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Erin Rosa, freelance journalist

    Erin Rosa

    Erin Rosa, freelance journalist

    Denver (Colorado) — She's just 21 and she's already won several awards. She lives in one of the poorest parts of town, near Lincoln Park. Spanish-born Erin Rosa is one of the few local journalists who really tries to lift the lid on the prison industry. She reminds us that The United States incarcerates one out of a hundred of its citizens. That’s more percentage-wise than even China. Erin Rosa has already worked for papers like the Columbia Journalism Review, The Huffington Post and the Colorado Independent. Over in France we noticed her series of articles in the latter about Supermax, the Alcatraz of the Rockies. Erin has recently joined the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning Washington think-tank.


    Erin, could you explain us what are the opinions of Barack Obama on this topic? Do you think he can/he is willing to make things evolve? Unless the prison issue is not one, for him...? Thank you very much!
    Erin, you are relatively young for an award-winning, investigative journalist. As a 25-year old journalist, just beginning my career as a reporter, I'd be interested to hear how you ended up to your profession. I get the feeling you are born to do what you do. Is it so?
    Goes on like this. You are doing you're job really well.
    In a way that almost journalists have forgotten oubviously.
    LOL, I doubt she knows the president.
    Lol, I like your sense of humor...I was just wondering about his public opinions, of course! ;)
    Here is Obama's platform when he was running: http://www.ontheissues.org/domestic/Barack_Obama_Crime.htm
    However, now that he is president, it may differ. He has a drug czar who has issued statements about ending the war on drugs. Which would reduce the number of incarcerations.
    Obama recently asked Congress for more money for the Bureau of Prisons, and promised to ask Congress to fund three more federal prisons. He also authorized the expansion and new prison construction in Afghanistan, hasn't closed Guantanamo. I don't know the president : -- ) but news reports of his actions since taking office are easily found with the good ole internet! Erin, thank you for your work!
    As journalist ,how do you think that webdoc could influence in your job?
    could jgmpalin answer your own question please? I think it is really interesting question.

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