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Welcome to the ‘Prison Valley’ web doc forums. This is the place where you can discuss prisons, share what you know and have a debate with other Internet users from around the world. And to experience the ‘Prison Valley’ film, click here.


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Brenda, an inmate's wife


    Brenda, an inmate’s wife

    Florence (Colorado) — Brenda is 28. Her husband was sentenced to ten years for tax evasion. Two years now he's been up there and for two years now she's been driving back and forth between Ohio and Colorado. In the twilight, with a mixture of pride and tears, we listen to the story of Brenda's life. One question, then a twelve-minute monologue. She smiles now, her strength returns. You guys got an hour or two? And off we head towards her husband's prison, up their, at the federal facility. It's pitch black. Brenda clings on to the wheel like others do to life. She tells us about the annoyances she suffers at the hands of the wardens, and the early mornings spent at the checkpoint. You know what this area’s nickname is? Prison Valley. Brenda has just given us a title for our film. Afterwards, we gave her a kiss.


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