Monthly Archives: April 2010

27 Apr

The Prison Business – Live chat tomorrow, at 7pm (CET)

This Thursday, April 29th at 7pm (CET), our first guest will be Gonzague Rambaud, co-writer of “Inmate labor : an investigation into the prison business”

22 Apr

The rock’n’roll launch of ‘Prison Valley’

Wednesday 21 April, somewhere in Paris. Just one line of code is enough to ‘release’ ‘Prison Valley’ into cyberspace. The tale of how #prisonvalley spread in a matter of minutes.

22 Apr

‘Prison Valley’ goes online!

It’s done. The web documentary is online. Have a nice stay in the valley of prisons. Your ‘Prison Valley’ experience starts right here.

12 Apr

The Producer’s Fear of the Penalty

Paris, yesterday. This is what happened just before the press conference. Armageddon. Well, almost. Total breakdown. Well, almost.

06 Apr

The final straight (but is it really final? is it really going to be straight?)

It’s the rush for the finish line, the race against the lost URL, the festival of XML, the HTML heavyweight clash. Prison Valley goes online in a few days’ time. The stress. The pressure.