Category: Médias

12 Sep

Web, press and media review

Some articles published here and there about Prison Valley in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

17 Aug

Time Magazine Website, a Prison Valley Portfolio

Today Time Magazine Website has published a Prison Valley Portfolio. Check it out now.

03 Jul

6th july: first ever prime-time broadcast of the film ‘Prison Valley’

Two events are scheduled for 8.30 pm on Tuesday 6th July. A World Cup semi-final (so we’re told), but above all the first ever prime-time broadcast of the film ‘Prison Valley’.

12 Apr

The Producer’s Fear of the Penalty

Paris, yesterday. This is what happened just before the press conference. Armageddon. Well, almost. Total breakdown. Well, almost.

06 Apr

The final straight (but is it really final? is it really going to be straight?)

It’s the rush for the finish line, the race against the lost URL, the festival of XML, the HTML heavyweight clash. Prison Valley goes online in a few days’ time. The stress. The pressure.

05 Jan

The rise of the web documentary

So what is a web documentary? France 24 looks at the question and unveils some footage from Prison Valley. Video.