Monthly Archives: November 2009

27 Nov

Prison Valley spend 3 days in the heat of Amsterdam

It was the day before yesterday, in the middle of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, right in the centre of town. At the Tuschinski Theater, which was sold out for the occasion, and I don’t mind telling you we were scared stiff.

20 Nov

«New medias… » and melting borders

A few days ago, the Centre National du Cinéma organised a workshop on ‘new media’. And Prison Valley was invited. We chatted about web documentaries, ARGs, transmedia, cross media, and so on.

17 Nov

Prison Valley: the trailer (1st)

Here’s a short trailer put together this summer by the guys at Upian. It shows a few moments during our scouting trip in June. There’s been a lot of progress on the webdoc Prison Valley since then. It’s changed a lot. And we’ve been back. Still the same atmosphere in the valley. It’s here and it’s now.

16 Nov

At the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam !

Prison Vallet’s been selected for the IDFA. In a few days, we’re off to Amsterdam. In a few days, we’ll be at the European Mecca of documentary filmmaking. In a few days, we’ll be at the International Documentary Film Festival, which our producer (Alexandre Brachet @ Upian), a regular, calls by its acronym, IDFA, like every other producer in the know.

09 Nov

At Sheffield Festival !

Three days in Sheffield to live fast and die pitching. Or the trials and tribulations of three Frenchies in the north of England…