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16 Nov

At the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam !

Prison Vallet’s been selected for the IDFA. In a few days, we’re off to Amsterdam. In a few days, we’ll be at the European Mecca of documentary filmmaking. In a few days, we’ll be at the International Documentary Film Festival, which our producer (Alexandre Brachet @ Upian), a regular, calls by its acronym, IDFA, like every other producer in the know.

Prison Valley à l’Idfa. We’ll give you the low-down, promise. Everything, right here, the whole lot. Our meetings, out hopes, our illusions and gambles. As well as all the dancefloors we’ll set alight – because we are French and we know no better. We’ll tell you what it feels like to have been selected, along with 42 other projects out of hundreds, for a big thing called Forum, a huge tank full of big and little fish used to swimming in more or less treacherous waters, herrings and sometimes sharks, flush with money or flat-broke-but-mates-with-Rockefeller. We’re not sure we can really swim.

We’ll tell you about the one-to-one meetings, as they’re called, with the same producers, broadcasters and funders, but this time in a smaller aquarium, in more subdued surroundings, like in Sheffield.


Prison Valley @ Idfa

Idfa_logo-b7dda We’ll tell you about our world premiere (that’s the expression they use) on the evening of Tuesday 24th – the first 30 (more or less) edited minutes of the film. And then the special edition a href=””>DocLab evening on webdocs with Austin Lynch (who wrote ‘Interview Project’ with his father), Yann Arthus Bertrand (6 Billion Others) and Prison Valley.

Philippe Brault, co-director of Prison Valley, might even get out his Canon to take some pictures for this blog.

Here’s a bit of news about all the other stuff. We’re currently working with editor Cédric Delport on a new trailer because it sounds as if it’s the kind of thing that’s useful at the IDFA. We’ve now done around half the film.

The guys from Upian are working like mad on the interactive part. Those guys have got this favourite expression they use over and over again: ‘That’s out of the box.’ And it’s true. Well, we’re trying at least, them and us. To get out of the box. Write differently. Tell a different story.

Hell begins here – and it feels good.

To finish with, here’s an original postcard (de)signed by Sébastien Brothier, Upian’s artistic director who’s as fast and good as the Wu-Tang Clan.


carte postale inédite (de)signée par Sebastien Brothier